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Ninja Theory’s On-Rails Shooter Dexed Rated (And Subsequently Pulled) for Upcoming PSVR Release


Dexed, a VR on-rails shooter developed by DmC: Devil May Cry creator Ninja Theory, has today been rated – and subsequently removed – by European ratings board PEGI for release on PlayStation VR.

It is believed PEGI may have jumped the gun (cached version) on an official announcement by Ninja Theory regarding the game’s probable release on PS4, which is expected to take place at this weekend’s PlayStation Experience convention in Anaheim, California.

Dexed was originally released for the HTC Vive via Steam back in September, and currently holds a positive consensus of reviews.

The game is an on-rails VR shooter that takes players on a “dream-like journey through beautifully realized worlds”, requiring players to target and shoot enemies using both of the Vive’s wand-like controllers. It is fair to assume, therefore, that it will come with full PS Move support when lands on the PS4 and PSVR.

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