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PSVR Will Sell Under 750K Units This Year; Down from Initial 2.6M Projection


Market research and analytics firm SuperData Research has issued a revised 2016 sales forecast for the PSVR, estimating that Sony’s virtual reality headset will shift fewer than 750,000 units by the end of the year – well short of its recent prediction of 2.6 million.

Despite only last month reaffirming its forecast that 2,602,370 million units would be sold by the end of 2016, SuperData now concedes that it overestimated the performance of the PlayStation VR at retail, and its adjusted forecast – included in the firm’s December report – predicts that the system will sell just under 750,000 units by the end of the year.

According to SuperData’s report, “notably fewer [PSVR] units sold than expected due to a relatively fragmented title line-up and modest marketing effort”.

The company’s sales forecast for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, meanwhile, remain largely unchanged at 420,108 and 355,088 units, respectively.

SuperData’s full December report and other industry insights are available to purchase on its website.

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  • angh

    I don’t think there were 2.7 millions psvr boxes on the market combined.

  • Gabriel Massa

    Too bad, I really hope VR be a success. I just didn’t buy mine because I don’t live in USA or another good country, here in brazil it costs 3000 bucks if bought in our “ebay” else it costs 4000 in a store. It is equivalent to 1150 US$ but for our buying capability it is like if an American would pay 4000 US$. too expensive, next year i plan to buy in the US or hopefully the price will drop enough here :(. Damn corrupted third world brazil is

  • Kyle Pittman

    Well here in the UK anyway they’re not that easy to find retail. They’re sold out on Amazon and everywhere I’ve looked. Ended up spending a bit more and getting it on ebay. Hoping it does well because it’s a pretty amazing experience and I want to see more games come out for it.

  • David Sugrue

    This is nonsense!
    The psvr is out of stock everywhere and the move controllers are being snapped up quicker than a Christmas turkey!

    To say that there aren’t many launch titles is laughable. It’s fairly new to the market and already has 30 exclusive games.
    Xbox one s had how many games at launch? 13? And just 3 were exclusives.
    What bias fool came up with this