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CliffyB’s LawBreakers Gets New Trailer; Beta Sign-ups Open Now

Gears of War’s former lead designer CliffyB has today released the latest trailer for his latest title, LawBreakers, while also announcing that beta sign-ups are open now.

The trailer, which you can check out above, was unveiled for the first time at this evening’s Game Awards 2016.

LawBreakers is Cliff Bleszinski’s first project since leaving Epic Games back in 2012 to form his own studio, Boss Key Productions.

Originally codenamed BlueStreak, LawBreakers is a competitive sci-fi shooter that features futuristic team-based action, with its characters and spaces manipulating gravity to create a unique, dynamic style of gameplay that promises to reward skill over streaks. LawBreakers’ dystopian future sees two forces fighting for control of the planet: the Law, an authoritative organisation charged with global peacekeeping, and the Breakers, a criminal syndicate hell-bent on asserting their own agenda onto society.

Users can sign up for the game’s beta via its official website.

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