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Star Citizen Looks Set to Overtake GTA 5 as Third Most Expensive Game to Develop

Star Citizen

Roberts Space Industries’ upcoming ambitious space sim Space Citizen will soon overtake Grand Theft Auto V as the third most expensive game ever developed.

The game’s stretch goals page confirmed earlier that the title has now amassed over $138 million in crowdfunding, and if lead developer Chris Roberts is to believed when he stated that all pre-launch funds are invested directly in the game’s development [see footnote], it will soon place Star Citizen above Rockstar’s GTA 5 and only $2 million behind Destiny, the second most expensive game in terms of development costs (Star Wars: The Old Republic sits some way ahead, at $200 million).

The PC-exclusive Star Citizen has been in development since 2011, with no current ETA on a full release. The title plans to combine multiple game genres; it will include aspects of space trading and combat simulation, exploration and first-person shooter mechanics, all the while being set in a massively multiplayer persistent universe.

Note: It has been a subject of debate as to whether or not the $138 million represents the true value of costs related to the game’s development. According to Chris Roberts in a 2014 interview, all money raised through crowdfunding is directly invested in developing the game, with targets being updated accordingly. This is reinforced in a November 2015 video (4:45).

Additionally, Roberts Space Industries claims that all marketing and event costs for the game are covered by donations from subscribers.

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  • Ludens

    LOL. Star Citizen will never be finished.

    • Zack Sutherland

      Yea, the same as WoW was never “finished”. It will continue to get updates and patches for years to come.

      • Ludens

        Uh huh.

        • jackie Toretto

          The games gonna be officially done by 2035 guaranteed

  • Zack Sutherland

    Also, this is false…. They have not spent 138million. And some of the funding went towards building the company (CIG) and not the game.


  • registeredanon

    RSI is a fictional company. The devs are cloud imperium games and foundry 42

  • Maddin Robert

    Since 2011? The crowdfunding campagne was oct 2012 and before that a handfull (including Roberts) had worked for a year just on the demo they’ve showed in the KS campagne.