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Sony Honours Dedicated Titanfall 2 Trophy Hunters with Congratulatory Email

Titanfall 2 Cover

Sony has begun honouring dedicated Titanfall 2 players with emails of congratulations for acquiring the game’s platinum trophy today.

On PlayStation consoles, platinum trophies are awarded to users for successfully acquiring all of the game’s other trophies. In Titanfall 2’s case, the platinum trophy is known as “Welcome to the 6-4” (formerly called “Mark of the Advocate”), and is considered “ultra-rare” on the PlayStation Network and it is held by 1.0 percent of all of the game’s current and previous players.

In the email, which you can check out below, Sony congratulates players, stating: “You are the alpha pilot. You’re a true hero of the Frontier,” and allowing users to share their platinum status with their friends on social media.


The last time the company ran a similar campaign was in early 2015, when Bloodborne platinum trophy holders were rewarded with an exclusive PS4 theme – but it seems that this time around, the email is purely for bragging rights.

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