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Xbox One May Have Just Had its Best Post-Launch Sales Performance in Japan

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Microsoft’s Xbox One may have just had its best week for sales in Japan since late 2014, which is when the console first launched in the country.

Whilst the Japanese home console market is overwhelmingly dominated by the PS4, the latest Media Create sales figures for the week ending December 11 provide some slightly encouraging signs for Microsoft, following its November 24 launch of the Xbox One S in the region.

The analytics firm has estimated that combined Xbox One and Xbox One S sales reached approximately 1,300 units for the seven-day period beginning December 5 – five times higher than last week’s, but still extremely far behind the PS4’s 92,000 units.

There is a caveat, though. Famitsu, Japan’s leading gaming publication, also compiles its own sales data – and its estimates vary substantially, placing Xbox One sales at only 363 units – providing very little in the way of week-on-week changes.

Time will tell if this week’s Media Create estimations were simply a blip or a sign of Microsoft making slow ground in a country it has traditionally struggled in.

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