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Nintendo Acknowledges Game-Breaking Super Mario Run Bug

Nintendo is working to resolve an issue that causes its recently released mobile title, Super Mario Run, to crash.

The problem seems to be occurring when users attempt to link their Facebook account to their game and don’t currently have any friends who have also connected to the title.

In an in-game notification sent earlier this evening, Nintendo acknowledged the bug and vowed to fix it with a future update:

“The App may automatically shut down if it cannot friend candidates when you link Facebook to your friend list. This will not affect your saved game data and if you reboot the App, you will be able to play again. We are looking into a solution for a future update and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused in the meantime.”

Super Mario Run released earlier today for iOS devices; an Android version will follow in 2017. One analyst has forecast the title to generate half a billion dollars in revenue for Nintendo by Q3 2017.

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