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Original Red Faction Now Available for PS4

Looking to blow some environments up in the original game-changing experience that is Red Faction? Fire up the PS4 then, as today THQ Nordic announced that the original Red Faction has been made available for PS4. The game is available now on the PlayStation Network, and carries a price tag of $14.99.

Back in 2001, Volition and THQ released the game on the PS2 and fans quickly decided they liked the idea of being able to destroy their environments in real-time, using their then-unprecedented Geo-Mod technology. The geometry modification enabled the aforementioned destruction, and did so in great fashion as Red Faction is still highly-regarded to this day.

For those unfamiliar to Red Faction, the game is set on Mars during the late 21st century, and sees players take control of Parker. Parker is the leader of a rebellion against the Ultor Corporation. The Ultor Corporation is corrupt and creates deplorable living environments for its inhabitants.

Of course, the emulated version of the acclaimed game features trophy support for those enthusiasts out there, while also featuring up-rendered graphics and textures.

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