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343i Director Downplays Project Scorpio AMD Ryzen/Vega CES Rumours; Says Console is ‘Beefier’ Than He Expected

The director of 343 Industries has poured cold water on rumours coming out of CES 2017 that AMD had teased an association between Xbox’s Project Scorpio and the company’s newest CPU and GPU architecture, Ryzen and Vega.

In a thread on NeoGAF devoted to the appearance of an image that seemed to tease an association between AMD’s Ryzen/Vega and the upcoming console, Frank O’Connor duly obliged to calls for him to ‘drop a few keywords to stir the pot’ with the following tongue-in-cheek post: “Intel. More. Than. One. Thing. At. That. Booth. At. CES. Like. Just. To. The. Right. And. Left. Of. That. Image. Crop. In. Fact. Pot.”

O’Connor’s comments suggest that the image in question had been taken out of context and that the placement of the presentation was coincidental, with AMD’s booth containing a whole lot more than simply promotion for Ryzen and Vega. Of course, that’s not to say the console won’t use the architecture; the image just isn’t the definitive proof many had claimed it to be.

Later on in the thread, O’Connor confirmed that he had most likely seen Scorpio’s specs, although he couldn’t remember them even if he was allowed to talk about them: “Haha, although I probably ‘know’ in that I might have seen it in a slide or something, it’s literally not something I have time to think about now and I actually couldn’t remember whatever specs I’ve been exposed to even if I was tortured. I literally couldn’t leak or answer a question that went beyond ‘Can I do this? Does it support that? How many of these could it render?'”

That being said, he did crucially add: “What I do remember is that it’s beefier than I expected.”

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