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Call of Duty: Legends of War Released Brings the Action to Android Devices

Call of Duty: Legends of War

Call of Duty: Legends of War has finally been released outside China. The game is available in Australia and you will have to work your way around that to play the game but the option is there if you are looking to play Call of Duty on your smartphone.

We recently learned that Tencent was partnering with Activision to release a mobile game but at this point in time we cannot confirm whether or not that game and Call of Duty: Legends of War are the same. It is possible.

In order to play Call of Duty: Legends of War, you will need to make a new account on which you can browse the Australian App Store or you can download the APK file and install the game. Downloading the APK file can be risky so be warned and do it at your own risk. If you do not know the risks then you might want to wait until the game is officially released for the rest of the world.

The official COD: Legends of War description describes the game as follows:

In Call of Duty: Legends of War, Activision combines the best maps, characters, weapons and gear from the Call of Duty universe and brings them together for the first time.

Call of Duty: Legends of War has a lot to offer and you can choose between different modes. The game even allows you to play against other online players as well as with friends. 5v5 PvP matches let you test your skill against other players. You also have the Zombies Mode in which you can play solo or with friends to overcome hordes of zombies.

The game has great graphics and intuitive controls which you will get used to in no time. This is an FPS game so you might want to get a controller for your phone if you are serious about Call of Duty: Legends of War.

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