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Who Is Suing Epic Games for Fornite Dance Emotes – and Why?

Epic Games Fortnite

Epic Games has been under a lot of fire ever since Fortnite came out, as people that originally came up with the dance moves featured in the battle royale game are upset that they are making no money from its success.

When you are a relatively small player, people do not notice, but when you have one of the most popular and most-played games in the world, you are bound to be put under a microscope – and that is something Epic Games is learning the hard way.

Right now, Epic is facing three lawsuits from celebrities and it is safe to say that if the actions succeed, more will be coming. The first one is by rap artist 2 Milly, who created a dance to go with the song “Milly Rock”. The rapper claims that the dance moves are being used without permission or credit.

This might not be a huge deal for some people, but you can imagine why the creator is upset keeping in mind that the dance moves are now more strongly associated with Fortnite rather than the original song that it was created for. You can check out the “Swipe It” emote that is being used in Fortnite in the video below:

Furthermore, actor Alfonso Ribeiro is suing the company over the “Carlton” dance which is being used in Fortnite as “Fresh”, a nod to the original TV show it appeared in, Fresh Prince of Bel Air. The issue is the same here: The creator of the move claims that he has not allowed the developers to incorporate these moves in the game and that he has not been credited, either. You can check out the dance moves in the video below:

Last but not least, we have Russell Horning, who is also known as “The Backpack Kid” and is known for doing the dance move “flossing” which Fortnite calls “Floss.” Horning’s mother filed the claim on his behalf because right now, he is a minor.

Keeping all this in mind, Epic Games might end up having to pay a licensing fee and damages. We will keep you updated regarding the matter and how the case moves forward so stay tuned for more information.

Let us know what you think about these celebrities suing Epic Games over the dance emotes in Fortnite.

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