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Anthem Off to a Really Disappointing Start

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The Anthem VIP demo started on the 25th of January and while some people were able to play the game, most of the players were unable to access the demo. EA did not have enough servers to cater to the masses and fans were locked out for hours. People were stuck at loading screens and were unable to move ahead. It is safe to say that EA did not make ample preparations to accommodate all the people that had pre-ordered the game.

People that pre-ordered the game are very disappointed indeed and are asking for an extension of the Anthem VIP demo so that they can play the game with friends. There is no word regarding whether EA is going to extend the duration of the demo and it seems unlikely keeping in mind that there is an open demo next week which will be available to everyone.

While plenty of issues seem to have been resolved, there are still some problems with the demo and they are as follows:

  • Infinite loading screens when launching the game or entering an expedition.
  • Unable to get past the Anthem title screen.
  • Some Xbox One players are unable to access the Anthem VIP demo.
  • Some players are unable to access their Anthem VIP demo friends codes.

I was able to access the demo on PC 12 hours later and after a few minutes of actual gameplay, the demo crashed. This seems to be an issue that multiple people are facing and there are others that still cannot get past the loading screen when they launch a mission. Anthem is off to a shaky start and I hope that the developers can figure things out before the VIP demo ends, otherwise, the fans are going to be very mad indeed.

We have also talked about the differences between the demo and the final game which you should check out if you have played the demo and are interested in getting the full game. Bioware has confirmed that Anthem will not have a season pass or any paid DLC, which is something that the fans will appreciate provided that the game is playable.

Let us know what you experience was like and whether or not you are interested in playing Anthem when the game comes out on February 22nd.

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