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5 Super Realistic Gaming Cosplays: May 2019

5 Super Realistic Gaming Cosplays Of May 2019

Cosplay is an impressive art and the amount of work that people put into it is commendable. Here we are going to look at 5 super-realistic gaming cosplays of May 2019. Some of the cosplays overlap with movies and comics but they are still very impressive and lifelike.

Venom by Emma (Carma Cosplay)

Gaming Cosplays May 2019

Venom is an iconic character and ever since the movie came out the character has been getting even more attention. Here is a perfect example of realistic gaming cosplays that are done right. I really like the rips and how half of the face is covered while the other half is left as is.

You can see the attention to detail and the amount of work that must have gone into making this one picture possible. Just look at the eyes and how they differ from one another. This is a great example to kick-off the 5 super-realistic gaming cosplays of May 2019.

Trish From Devil May Cry By Milligan

Gaming Cosplays May 2019

Devil May Cry 5 was released recently and got a lot of attention. It is a great game just like the previous installments in the franchise. Trish is one of the iconic characters in the franchise and this cosplay looks just like her.

The hair and costume is spot on and the pizza is a great touch as well. We also have ebony and ivory on the sides, which are subtle but the fans will notice the attention to detail in this picture. You can check out other pictures of the same artist as well.

Lilith from Borderlands 2 By mai__nata

Gaming Cosplays May 2019

Borderlands 3 was announced recently and the franchise has been getting a lot of attention lately. The Borderlands games are some of the best RPGs that you can play right now and they are great titles on their own. The upcoming game should be interesting as well. Here we have a representation of Lilith, one of the characters in Borderlands 2.

Katarina (League of Legends) by Ponechka Cosplay

Gaming Cosplays May 2019

Katarina is one of the characters in League of Legends. This is the first character that I played when I started LoL and the cosplay is very realistic indeed. The tattoos and scar around the eye make the character come to life. The hair looks very cool too.  I would like to see more of the weapons in this picture but it is a great example all things considered.

2B From Nier: Automata By Jyu_San

Gaming Cosplays May 2019

2B is the main playable character in Nier: Automata. Here we have a really great cosplay of the character that really brings it to life. 2B is sitting on other dead 2B models and the dark tone is very impressive indeed.

Let us know what you think about our picks of gaming cosplays of May 2019 and which one you like the most.

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