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The Rise of Gamification for Mobile Gaming

Mobile Gaming

Mobile devices have pushed the online gaming industry into overdrive, at a time when progress was slow and Internet gambling was dragging. With smartphones and tablets becoming ever more powerful, players use them to play increasingly complex games. For videogame developers, the advance of mobile technology was the cue to port many of their flagship games to smartphones and tablets. Online casinos didn’t waste any time either and most of their games are compatible with both PCs and mobile gadgets.

Gamification is lucrative on mobile

Money makes the gaming world go round and software developers were quick to realize the tremendous potential of mobile games. First-person shooters, MOBAs, city building and even real-time strategy games are now being developed for smartphones. Most of these games are completely free, which is the ultimate incentive for prospective players to download the app. The companies make money by selling vanity items and in-game content through micro-transactions. These don’t give players an unfair advantage over their nonpaying counterparts, so the gameplay is unaffected and balance is maintained.

Hundreds of new games are released each month

Android and iOS users are nowadays confronted with the paradox of choice when browsing the Apple Store and Play Store. Large companies, small businesses and even individuals develop games that can be downloaded for free or in exchange of a tiny amount. Healthy competition stimulates the industry, with more games being available on mobile than PCs and consoles. Since many of these games require much smaller budgets, new companies have a better chance of securing a market share. The recent success of games such as Boom Beach, Clash of Clans and Candy Crush Saga is a source of inspiration.

Online casino thrills at your fingertips

A significant percentage of online gamers are people who enjoy spinning the reels of slots, playing poker and table games. Internet casinos have tweaked their massive collections of games to be compatible with tablets and smartphones. It is possible to play against real croupiers in live casinos on the tiny displays of mobile gadgets. Since these games can be enjoyed on virtual currency, players take no chances early on and can learn the game mechanics without risking a dime. Players can read some reviews until they feel comfortable making the transition to real money gambling, online casinos will replenish their virtual bankroll indefinitely.

Social gaming propels the industry forward

Social apps are also responsible for the recent rise of Gamification for mobile gaming, after a period of relative stagnation. They have the merit of targeting people that had no vested interest in either video games or online casino games. The idea of bringing gaming to social networks proved to be brilliant and millions of people now play casual games on smartphones and tablets. Most of them can be enjoyed straight in the browser, so there is no need to even download third-party software. In some cases, these games act as a gateway to the fascinating way of more serious titles and so, new gamers are born.

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