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Microsoft Focusing On Xbox Scarlett, Gears 5 Not Coming To PS4

Gears 5

Microsoft announced the Xbox Scarlett next-generation console at E3 2019. We got to hear about some specifications of the box at the event. Microsoft also announced Game Pass for PC and touched on Project xCloud.

Xbox is expanding its platform and Xbox boss has already confirmed that Microsoft games could be available via Steam in the future. With that in mind, fans are wondering if games like Gears 5 could make their way to PS4 as well.

Microsoft is partnering with Sony to work on cloud gaming. With that in mind, it makes sense why people would think that Xbox titles could release on the PS4. Phil Spencer touched on the matter and it seems that is not going to be the case any time soon.

Xbox Scarlett PS5

Spencer mentioned that the team is working on Xbox Scarlett right now. Here is what he had to say regarding the matter:

I think the experience we bring to the family room with Xbox and focusing on things like compatibility and focusing on things like cross-play is actually important to where we see gaming growing, which is why we are focused on consoles and spending a ton of money and resources investing in Scarlett. The same thing on PC.

The Gears of War franchise has been exclusive to Xbox for a while now. It is playable on PC and if you have the Game Pass then you will be able to play Gears 5 on PC at launch. The franchise means a lot to Microsoft and could be a big deal for Sony as well if it released on PS4. Spencer further elaborated on the matter by mentioning the following:

So, today, people are saying: “Are you going third party?” Whatever that means. But the idea that we are a platform company continues to be true, and we think about how that platform infrastructure could grow. And we think having the world’s most powerful console, having a great Xbox in the home, is a critical component to that.

Let us know what you think about Microsoft focusing on Xbox Scarlett right now and whether you think the Gears of War franchise should be available on PS4.

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