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Will WWE 2K20 Have the Best Roster Ever?

WWE 2K20: Brock Lesnar

If you want to make a stand-out sports game, you’ve got to have content that will attract players. That’s why we think that WWE 2K20 will not only have one of the best rosters ever in the series but also that it will be so good it will bring back older players that haven’t touched a WWE 2K game in ages. Why do we say that you ask? We’ll tell you in this article.

All signs are pointing to WWE 2K20 having a stellar roster for one major, overriding reason: Nostalgia. It looks like WWE 2K20 is going to milk the nostalgia train a whole lot harder than most games and that’s a good thing given the long history WWE has with its fans.

You might remember the Hulk Hogan racism scandal back in 2015. Basically, the Hulkster had a couple of embarrassing statements recorded on a compromising video and it nearly ended the career of one of the WWE’s greats. He was roundly ostracized by the community – and some would say rightly so – and it seemed like his time with wrestling was over and finished. But now rumours are surfacing that Hulk Hogan could be on the WWE 2K20 roster. What evidence is there for this? Well, Hogan hosted the Crown Jewel WWE event in Saudi Arabia and has appeared more regularly on WWE programming. We think this is all part of his eventual return to the ring in some form or fashion and if it is in WWE 2K20 then that’s all we need to know.

The reason why Hulk Hogan’s addition to the roster would be kind of a big deal is that it shows that 2K is willing to try some new stuff out. That’s a good thing, too, when it comes to rosters because you often get a lot of characters that don’t offer much different from one another. But you can’t just throw Hulk Hogan into a game and make him a reskin of Brock Lesnar. It just doesn’t work.

Another indication that WWE 2K20’s roster is going to be absolutely bonkers is how many female wrestlers are rumoured to be on the list. Ronda Rousey and Torrie Wilson are rumoured while The Brian Kendrick and the aforementioned Brock Lesnar are also rumoured to be part of the roster. Of course, who you want and why probably boils down to fandom more than anything else, but early indications are that 2K is going for breadth and depth when it comes to the WWE 2K20 roster of wrestlers.

None of this addresses the style and control differentiation that often accompanies using different wrestlers. We have no idea how 2K will handle that but the more different they are stylistically the better. That means gamers will have more options when it comes to who you throw into the ring and it also deepens the strategies players have to deploy. As soon as some indication of what direction 2K is taking in this regard we’ll have a better idea of who will be included on the roster and why.

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  • Jer

    I always liked Hogan when I was growing up, but frankly the big reason I hope he’s in the roster is because it’ll piss off the hyperoffended little bitches, and I absolutely LOVE seeing that happen.