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Chicken Police Paint It Red – What?


It’s very hard to put into words what Chicken Police Paint it Red is exactly, at least it’s hard to do it without getting a headache, but I’ll give it a good go for you here. In Chicken Police Paint it Red you play through a gritty noir crime story in a world filled with anthropomorphic animals. You’ll be interrogating suspects using a complex system that doesn’t only reveal new information about the case, it goes into detail about the world, and even the story of the character you play as. Check out the trailer, which is pretty great, below and read on for more details.

The Chicken Police

The duo of Sonny Featherland and Marty MacChicken has been dubbed the Chicken Police, and they used to also be known as legendary detectives. But that was a decade ago, and things have changed. Sonny is now a borderline alcoholic on paid leave, while Marty hides behind his reputation as a legendary detective, doing very little in reality. On New Year’s Eve Sonny has a mysterious visitor with a package that will take him deep into his past, and he and Marty are forced into working together on the weirdest case of their careers.

This is not an action game, though it may look pretty action oriented with all those guns in the trailer. The game actually revolves around conversations with NPCs, and squeezing out information wherever it can be found. The complex interrogation system will be a common sight as you play and explore more than 30 locations in the game’s world of Clawville, which has become a much darker place to live in over the years.

In Chicken Police Paint it Red, predator and prey can live together in a society that won’t see them naturally see one rip the other apart. However, crime has become rampant, and predatory crime is the worst. Predators still go for their natural prey, but now they’re stealing from them, or far worse, making the city an incredibly unsettling place.

I’m pretty excited about this one because it hides the serious detective game genre with what appears to be a humorous facade at first. Make no mistake, this is a gritty crime game, it’s just got animals where the people should be. The world feels rich, and I haven’t even played the game yet. I think this is because the developers have put so much work into making each character matter, which will be down to the interrogation system that dives into the lives of everyone you can interact with.

There’s no release date for the game, but you can wishlist it on Steam now. Let me know what you think of it in the comments.

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