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Dying Light 2 Has Been Delayed, And That’s Completely Fine


Dying Light 2 is the latest game to see a delay in what feels like a week or two that’s been full of them. The game’s developers, Techland, posted an update letter on Twitter that expressed their deepest regrets over this delay, and didn’t even give a rough date for when they expect the game to release. However, we shouldn’t be pushing for a new release date, because the game has been delayed for a reason. Instead, we should be focusing on the fact that Techland needs more time to make this game perfect, as well as the fact that this delay makes it far more likely for the game to be a next generation launch title. Check out the delay letter below and read on for more information.

It’s All Good, It’s Alright

Techland are phenomenal developers. They’ve continued to support Dying Light with new content since it launched in January 2015, a good five years ago. The latest of these updates was for Christmas, combining Chivalry with the zombie killing first person melee game. This alone should justify the delay of Dying Light 2, because we know that this sort of development is going to continue with that game when it does eventually release.

Unfortunately we don’t have a new release date for Dying Light 2, but that’s a good thing for a few reasons. First, and most importantly, it means that Techland isn’t pushing their developers to work on crunch hours, which would see them work potentially 100 hour weeks. This is a terrible practice, and would drive a lot of people to mental breakdowns if it happened regularly. Without a new release window, there’s no need to push for a certain date, and therefore the need for crunch is completely gone.

Another great thing about the fact that there’s no release date here is that it could mean that Dying Light 2 will be launching for PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X. I’ve always thought that the game would be cross-generation, but this makes it seem far more likely that Dying Light 2 will just go straight in for the next generation. This would also explain a little about the delay because it’s completely new technology that Techland is working with here.

Let us know what you think about the delay in the comments.

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