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Apex Legends Prey To Predator Part 2: Distracting Time-Limited Event


It’s been a while since part 1 of this journey, and there’s a reason for that. I’ve been playing as much Apex Legends as I can, but my schedule has shifted as my wife returns to work after a year of maternity leave. This means that I have two less days per week to try to become an Apex Predator, and with everything else mixed in from day to ay life, the time I’ve spent in the game hasn’t been what I’d like it to be. This part is has even less progress because of an enticing in-game event too. Let’s dive in and see where I’m at.

Still Bronze


Yes, unfortunately I’m still at Bronze 3, where I ended up in the last part of this series. It’s not that I haven’t won any matches, in fact I’ve won one and placed in the top three teams about four times. The issue is that I’ve not been playing in the ranked playlist. This is the only playlist that grants progress towards your rank, and therefore approaching the precious Apex Predator rank I so desperately crave. I’ve added about 50 points to my rank, so I’m a bit closer to Bronze 2 now, but I’m still far from my goal.

Deja Loot


The event I’ve been stuck in is System Override. It adds loads of cool new cosmetics to earn, but they’re all part of their own battle pass outside of the season 4 battle pass. What’s worse, to earn progress towards that new battle pass, you need to play the new playlist, Deja Loot, at least four times every day.

Deja Loot is a playlist that sets the loot on the map, and keeps it there. Every match will have the same loot, so if you can remember where to pick up your favourite weapon, you’ll find it in the same location in every match. It’s a really fun challenge that’s very different to the ranked playlist. Players from across a wide range of skills fight here, and honestly it’s made me a worse player. In fact, this is where I managed to win a match almost by default. I was in the centre of the ring, my teammates were down, and I managed to knock down one other enemy. The ring closed in, and I won, all within about ten seconds.

Still Going


I’ve been trying to balance my time between ranked and Deja Loot, but I don’t want to miss out on that time-limited event loot. This is where games like Apex Legends are extremely rewarding. I always find myself pursuing time-limited loot over battle pass loot, because I have more time to earn the latter. Time-limited cosmetics are the fanciest cosmetics, and I love looking fancy in every sense of the word. This week the event is still active, but I’m going to try my hardest to avoid it and stick purely to ranked. I’ve not got long until the end of the season, but I’m determined to make it out of Bronze at the very least.

I’m on a journey to see if I can go from absolute prey to becoming one of the top 500 players in Apex Legends. Follow the journey here.

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