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It Sounds Like Resident Evil 8 Used To Be Resident Evil Revelations 3


A new source has been speaking to VGC, and they’ve confirmed a lot of the recent news around Resident Evil 8. If you’re not familiar with these rumours, don’t worry, they were completely mad, but the main point was that the game will follow the same perspective as Resident Evil 7, and also star the same protagonist, Ethan. This new source has confirmed that many of the outrageous rumours are true, but that’s only because this game was originally meant to be the third entry to the franchise’s spin-off series, Revelations.

From Resident Evil Revelations 3 To Resident Evil 8


So what’s true? Well the game will use the same perspective as Resident Evil 7, meaning there’a a lot more first person horror on the way. The game will also definitely star Ethan, protagonist of Resident Evil 7, so it sounds like it will be related in some way to that game too.

However, the game will also include mechanics and features that aren’t what you’d expect from the series. These are hallucinations, which could be similar to those brilliantly implemented in the Batman Arkham series, and insanity segments. These sound to me as though they’ll be part of Ethan being infected by the mould of Resident Evil 7. The hallucinations were sort of in that game, but the insanity segments could be when something else takes over, forcing Ethan to do things and kill people that he wouldn’t have otherwise.

In addition, there will be enemies based on myths in the game, such as werewolves. This sounds plausible in the Resident Evil universe, after all there are giant toad creatures that swallow you whole in Resident Evil 3 Remake. If the game’s setting is European, as has been thought for a while now, then it could even be bioweapons from a different branch of Umbrella, which would make sense since Nemesis wouldn’t have been created in the US given how crazy the concept of putting a parasite in control of a Tyrant is to them.

The new source actually confirms that Resident Evil 8 was originally meant to be a third entry in the Resident Evil Revelations timeline. After some serious playtesting, it was moved to the mainline series because it felt so good to actually use.

The final detail about Resident Evil 8 that has been confirmed is that it’s coming to current and next-generation consoles next year. This is going to be a cross-generational release in 2021, which shows that many other developers are probably doing the same thing.

I’m intrigued to see how this game pans out. Over the past three years Capcom has launched a new Resident Evil game every year, and this next one would make it up to four. Given the fact that it has moved from one timeline to another, this will be the release that makes or breaks the new schedule Capcom has set for the franchise.

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