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Why I’m Excited About The Invitation


The Invitation is a brand new PvX game that’s currently in development for PC. so far all we have is a trailer for the game, but that says a lot more about it than any single press release could, so check it out below and read on for some more information on it.

What Is The Invitation?

It’s hard to nail down exactly what The Invitation is, but I think I can manage it by comparing it to a few other games. First up, this is a PvX game, meaning that you get dumped into an open PvE world that’s populated with AI enemies, and other friendly players. You can build a base in this world, similar to how you do in Fallout 76, and you’ll generally be working with any other players you come across.

However, there will be PvP elements to this game. I don’t know what they look like just yet, but I imagine that they’ll resemble those of The Cycle. In that game, missions are dropped on the map for groups of players to work together to complete. If they find a group of other players, they can choose to fight them, or just leave them to whatever they’re doing. I think that there will probably be other more focused PvP elements though, with specific game modes like those in The Division 2 and Destiny 2.

Finally, we have the PvX elements. The world is big, and players are all dropped in to build their own bases, take on the local wildlife, and do whatever they want. When it comes to missions, they’re implemented dynamically. This means that if another player is being attacked by a boss enemy, having bitten off more than they can chew, a mission will ping to nearby players asking for help. You can then accept, or decline the mission. This is similar to how you can post missions in Monster Hunter World, opening up your hunt for other players to join, so that you all benefit from the rewards.

I could see this game getting very big, very quickly. If a group of players form a clan and build a colossal base, other players may be given a mission to take them down. This would act as an exciting raid, and the defenders could have the opposite mission of defending against the raiders.

I really like the direction that The Invitation seems to be heading in. Let me know what you think in the comments. You can check out the game’s website here.

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