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Good News Everyone! A Cheater Is Helping The Modern Warfare Developers Prevent Hacks And Bots


Usually hackers and aimbots are the reason that people stop playing games. Hackers work their way into the cracks of a game’s infrastructure, making it impossible to hit them, or allowing their character to move extremely quickly. Aimbots are the worst, because they make it possible for you to be killed while a player is barely even paying attention to the game. Now though, a hacker has turned to the other side, and is helping Infinity Ward strengthen their efforts to prevent aimbots and other hackers in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, as well as Warzone.

With the release of the battle royale-esque game Warzone, the Call of Duty multiplayer scene has exploded. More players that there have been in the last five years or so are now trying to enjoy Call of Duty online, but there’s a big issue. Hackers and players using cheats or aimbots are running wild, so much so that Infinity Ward is banning hundreds of players at a time. The issue has become so bad that console players are actively turning off crossplay so that they don’t encounter PC players, which are deemed to be the worst of the cheaters.

This last point is particularly worrying, because crossplay is so important for the diversification of games in the future.

A cheater on Reddit called DeclanH23 has now stepped up and explained how they had been a big issue for Battlefield 4 and GTA Online in the past. They actually took the time to write out a formula to help Infinity Ward track and stop hackers and those using aimbots, because they want Call of Duty’s multiplayer to be a fun time for everyone.

In the past, I’ve experienced all kinds of hackers while playing Call of Duty games online. It’s never a good time when you’re just being destroyed with no rhyme or reason, but it’s not just Call of Duty that’s having an issue. There are problems with these sorts of hackers across many games. I think the reason that it’s so prevalent in Call of Duty is a combination of the fact that it’s a game for a more mature audience, meaning the players are more likely to understand and use hacks or aimbots, and the fact that there are simply so many people playing the game online. Hopefully the tips shared by DeclanH23 will help sort out the issues moving forward.

We’re trying to get as much good news in front of you as possible in these troubling times. If you found this piece of news encouraging, why not check out the rest of our good news?

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