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Good News Everyone! 100 Japanese Homes Are Getting Super Famicoms


A state of emergency was recently declared in Japan due to the coronavirus (COVID-19). As part of this, all non-essential businesses are being forced to close, and everyone in the country who isn’t an essential worker is being ordered to stay at home. The state of emergency came pretty swiftly after the announcement, meaning that most people didn’t have time to prepare for being in lockdown.

In the UK, game and console sales were boosted in the lead up to lockdown. Consumers realised that they’d be trapped inside with nothing to do, so they went out and purchased something to keep them going. For most people this was just Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but some bought an Xbox.

In Japan, everything was far too fast to prepare for, unless you were someone who thought that a lockdown was inevitable. Now however, something wonderful has happened. As part of an effort to keep children at home, and occupied, the Retro Game Association is issuing 100 Super Famicoms to households around the country. This was originally reported by Kotaku, who also pointed out the application site for anyone feeling like a cheeky attempt to get a Super Famicom shipped outside of Japan.

The consoles were cleaned before they were sent, and the sight of them all in one place is just astounding. These Super Famicoms have been kept out of the sun to preserve them, barely played for years. But that isn’t what games consoles were meant for. It would be very easy to keep all of these consoles locked up forever as part of a preservation effort, but this association sees the value in sending them out. It means that children won’t send their parents round the bend asking to go outside, and gives them something new to play with that also doesn’t cost the family any money.

If more museums and preservation efforts around the world could do this, things would be a lot easier for the remainder of lockdowns.

While lockdowns are being lifted and extended around the world, there isn’t exactly a lot of good news. That’s why we’re trying to get as much as we can in front of you during these troubling times. If you enjoyed this little bit of news about Super Famicoms in Japan, check out some more good news here.

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