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Gamedec Kickstarter Ends With Just Over $170,000


The phenomenal-looking Gamedec, based on the novels of the same name, has finally closed its Kickstarter doors. It’s now no longer possible to get any of the Kickstarter-exclusive goodies, or be a part of the game’s development from early on in the process. Instead, you’ll just have to wait until the game releases at some point later this year. But what an incredible Kickstarter campaign it has been!

In the final 48 hours, the Kickstarter campaign for Gamedec was looking for around $50,000 more so that it could hit the final two stretch goals. At $170,000 the developers would add partially voiced characters and scenes, which is a goal that was hit. The final stretch goal though, one that would see the game come to Nintendo Switch, for $200,000 was never reached. This is quite sad, because I’d love to play this game on Nintendo Switch. With that said, it’s likely that the game will sell enough copies once it releases to make up the extra money needed to bring it to Nintendo’s console, so there is hope!

Getting into the numbers, the campaign raised a total of $171,163 of an initial goal of $50,000. This blows my mind, because the game has basically been funded by around 300 percent. Sometimes these campaigns come along and no one is interested in them, but at other times they really spark something with people, and they do extremely well.

I have no doubt that there will be a lot more information on Gamedec coming in future weeks and months. It’s currently set for a December 2020 release date, so it’ll be something nice to play when we’re all locked up indoors because it’s freezing cold outside. The game is open for multiple playthroughs, many of which will be completely independent of others due to the emergent gameplay. Stories are developed as you play the game, meaning that you can never really predict where you’re going to be taken as a result of your decisions.

Let us know if you backed Gamedec in the comments.

Sometimes we like to cover Kickstarter campaigns that we believe in, or just ones that have done particularly well. If you enjoyed this look at Gamedec’s final numbers, check out more of our Kickstarter coverage here.

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