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Why I’m Excited About Gamedec


Gamedec is an upcoming isometric adaptive cyberpunk RPG that really leans on games as a theme. Players take on the role of a detective whose job it is is to solve crimes relating to virtual games and worlds in the 22nd century, complete with a totally unique futuristic Warsaw that will blow you away. I’m excited about Gamedec for a few different reasons, but to better explain it you should watch the trailer below first, then read on for some more information.

Some of this could happen


In Gamedec you’ll be investigating crimes that span a huge range of levels of seriousness. Sillier crimes could see you investigating a free-to-play game that’s somehow getting paid for the work players are doing in their game, whilst more serious crimes could relate to full-blown murders that have occurred because of clan wars within a game’s world. The best, and worst I suppose, part of this is that these are scenarios that could happen in the near future. Already we have the very real concept of swatting, when an angry person identifies someone’s location through their IP address and calls the police telling them there is a bomb on site. This is horrific, but it happens because the police can’t ignore a bomb treat, and results in some people being very traumatised, which happens when a gun is thrust in your face.

I’m not saying I’m a fan of swatting, quite the opposite, but that very real concept proves that the crimes in Gamedec are grounded in reality, and I love that.

Everything is changing


In Gamedec, decisions change everything. The criminals in the game’s world will try to predict players based on their actions, but players can totally shift their character’s personality through every decision. The character you start with might not be the same one you finish with. The game’s story will also shift with each decision and choice, with some options closing as others open, or certain scenarios becoming harder to access, but not impossible.

I love how free and flowing the world is in this game. It feels like a huge open RPG similar Fallout 4, or a choice-driven narrative experience like that of Mass Effect and Dragon Age. I love it when the conversations I have can actively affect the world around me, and that’s exactly what happens in Gamedec.

So cyberpunk


The thing I love most about Gamedec is the setting, a cyberpunk Warsaw that has three separate and distinct levels to it. The developers, Anshar Studios, have done a great job of building a unique world with a feel all of its own. I’ve not even played the game, and I already know that I’m going to think about it every time I hear noises similar to those in it, or a sign on the street that reminds me of one in the game. I think I’ll even start looking at other games, seeing the inspiration for missions in Gamedec, and end up thinking about Gamedec again.

Cyberpunk is by no means a new theme, it’s been around for a long time now. However, I do think that these extreme takes on cyberpunk, like that seen in Cyberpunk 2077, are new and feel fresh because of how in-depth they are. Many cyberpunk settings only make it half way, giving everything a neon light, but failing to do much more. Gamedec is different, and I hope you’re now as excited for it as I am.

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