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Gamedec Will Shape Your Character Based On Your Choices


Developer Anshar Studios has released a brand new video for their upcoming game, Gamedec. As you’ll know by now if you’re a frequent visitor, I love Gamedec. It started off on Kickstarter, which blew up and managed to meet a number of stretch goals, and not it’s going to be a seriously good game that is going to blow the minds of everyone who plays it. This latest little feature into the game shows just how complex the decision making system is alone, and it’s something I’m eager to delve into.

This video shows off the consequences and changes to a case from just one set of decisions. It follows a single character, who can either end up helping you out in another case further down the line, or could die based on the choice you make. It shows more than anything that you can’t overthink your decisions, because there will always be some kind of bad outcome, regardless of how well you toe the line between being good and evil.

Decisions will also shape your character themselves. With each decision, choosing to accuse someone or not, helping them to get out of a sticky situation or landing them in trouble, it all forms the character you’re playing as. This is sort of present in many other games, but I’ve never seen a system that’s so focused on what you’re doing and saying as this one is. It seems to indicate that your character can be whoever you want them to be, and that will change as your progress through more and more cases.

What I also love about the fact that no matter how good you are, you hurt someone, is, is that it fits extremely well with noir detective stories. Every classic detective tale is based on a flawed character who is ultimately out for themselves, and while that may not always be the case, even good decisions turn out with a bad outcome in the end. Gamedec is really leaning into this, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it so that I can experience it all for myself first hand.

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