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Good News Everyone! You Can BURN Your Switch OUT In PARADISE This June


If the cryptic title was too much for you, don’t worry because it’ll be much clearer now. Burnout Paradise launches for Nintendo Switch on June 19, a bit over one month away. The game is easily the pinnacle of the Burnout games, and will launch with all of the additional content that was released for the original.

The game was announced for Nintendo Switch earlier this year during a Mini Nintendo Direct. While it originally launched in 2008, the game has never really looked better, with remasters for most other major platforms already available. It’s the first time that this game will be available on the portable gaming system, but not the first portable Burnout game. However, I would argue that this will be the best portable Burnout game ever released, having played both this, and Burnout Legends on PSP.

One of the best things about Burnout Paradise for Nintendo Switch is the inclusion of the multiplayer game modes. The game is well known for its car-crashing racing, and the multiplayer sticks to it tremendously well. These will be some of the toughest, and most insane races on Nintendo Switch when the game launches.

Does the game have any chance of taking away players from Mario Kart 8 Deluxe? It’s doubtful, since most Mario Kart players are there for the characters, the brand, and the wacky racing. On the other hand, Burnout Paradise offers something different for both single and multiplayer. The game is great for jumping in and completing a few races, grabbing a few collectibles, and jumping back out, while Mario Kart often requires you to dedicate yourself to an entire tournament.

If you never played Burnout Paradise the first or second time around, make sure you give it a go if you have a Nintendo Switch for this third round it seems to be gearing up to do. It’s not a game you’ll regret playing, and the soundtrack is one of the most phenomenal in gaming.

During these troubling times we want to get as much good news in front of you as possible. If you had fun finding out about the release date of Burnout Paradise on Nintendo Switch, head here for some more good news.

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