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Is Bloodborne Coming To PC?


Sony were due to hold an event at which they would be discussing the PlayStation 5, but delayed it in order to avoid taking any audience away from the Black Lives Matter movement. This was an essential move on Sony’s part, because the likelihood is that the PlayStation 5 wold have either drowned out essential messages, or any news they put out would have in turn been drowned out. Some new rumours had surfaced off the back of the event’s delay, and they suggest that Bloodborne‘s PC and PlayStation 5 ports may have been one of the topics discussed.

As reported by PCGamesN, two separate gaming personalities have found what they believe is reliable information about a Bloodborne remaster for both PC and PlayStation 5. First there’s CaseyExplosion, who offered $100 to anyone who had reliable intel on a Bloodborne remaster. Someone took her up on that offer, allegedly, and they say that there was indeed an announcement for a Bloodborne PC and PlayStation 5 remaster.

The second personality is PC Gaming Inquisition. They actually name Bluepoint Games, known for making remasters, and QLOC as the teams given the job of remastering Bloodborne for PlayStation 5 and PC. Some other well-known gaming personalities have backed up this evidence in particular, and there’s a really interesting video that you can watch on it below.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is hitting PC later this year, and PC gamers are also getting Death Stranding next month. It would make sense for Sony to get Bloodborne out to PC gamers, because there’s a huge soulslike fan base there just gagging to get their hands on it. Sony as also explained that their PlayStation exclusives will be coming to PC over the course of time, so it seems inevitable that Bloodborne will hit PC at some point.

The other thing that all of this throws up in the air is the question of a Bloodborne sequel. No mention of Bloodborne 2 has been made, but it could be on the cards given the success of the first game. A remaster would stir up interest in the game again, and lay the groundwork for a sequel to follow on swiftly. We don’t know how likely a sequel is, but we know we’d buy it.

Let us know if you want a Bloodborne sequel in the comments.

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