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Fallout Friday: Fallout Shelter Has Some Ridiculous Stats


Last week Fallout Shelter celebrated its fifth anniversary. Over the course of those five years the game has built up quite a large player base, and there are some truly ridiculous stats that have been built up over the course of that time.


So, the game has a total of 170 million users. That’s just over the entire population of Bangladesh, but just under Nigeria, and it’s also the total number of people across Europe who went into lockdown for the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. That’s an astounding number of people, showing just how prevalent this game is.

Just under 1.5 billion babies have been born in Fallout Shelter over the last five years, more than the entire population of the continent of Asia. Just think about that for a moment. More people than there are in one continent on Earth were born in a game. That means that the population of Fallout Shelter is now larger than everyone in Asia. Does that make them a superpower?

Moving swiftly on, just under 2 million Vaults were created in the game. You create a Vault with each new playthrough, and given how often I failed, I imagine that at least half of these were also total failures. With those Vaults, 1.2 billion hours of game time have been played. In years, that equates to 137,916, which is 50,372,785 days. That’s more time than any one human can put into a single game if they play it every day of their life. It’s too much!

The rest of the stats are super specific to Fallout Shelter, but they also provide an insight into the kind of things that players have been doing. With 27,706,064 Nuka-Cola Bottler Rooms, it’s safe to say that there’s a serious addiction within the game’s community. There’s also a serious Radroach problem with 1,319,415,819 infestations. These events always killed at least three of my Vault Dwellers, and were on of the reasons that I had to pout it down and stop playing it.

If you’re a Fallout Shelter player and are looking forward to the fifth anniversary rewards coming your way, let us know in the comments. 

Sometimes we just can’t handle how mad the stats for games are. If you enjoyed this look at the stats for Fallout Shelter, check out more Ridiculous Stats here.

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