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Should The Last Of Us Part 3 Follow Abby And Lev?


Right off the bat here I want to warn you that I am going to talk about the ending of The Last Of Us Part 2. You have been warned.

The ending of The Last Of Us Part 2 is a bittersweet one. We see Ellie coming to terms with her rage, allowing Abby to live rather than drowning her. She returns to the farmhouse that she shared with Dina, only to find it empty, devoid of the life they shared together with Dina’s baby, JJ. However, the one room that has been left alone is full of Ellie’s creative outlets, including her guitar, which she can no longer play properly. It shows that revenge has cost her everything, and she walks off into the nearby woods, with no indication of where she’s going.

As for Abby and Lev, we get a good indication that they managed to ride off in a boat and locate the last pocket of Fireflies in America. This is a much better outlook, because both of them have lost everything that they had, but they’ve gained each other, and now it looks like they’ve gained the Fireflies as well.

As a result, Ellie’s story is pretty much over, I think. The best way forward, should there be a Part 3, would be to follow Abby and Lev. The story would obviously see them joining the Fireflies and flourishing there, with Lev getting all the soldier training he’s ever wanted. However, this wouldn’t be a game in the universe of The Last Of Us without some turmoil and twists, so here’s what I think could happen.

First, Abby and Lev settle in with the Fireflies, but soon those in power realise who her dad was, and start to ask questions. If Abby admits to killing Joel, the smuggler that robbed the world of a cure, then she also has to talk about how Ellie hunted her across the country because of her actions. This would lead to the Fireflies learning about Ellie being alive still, and pushing Abby to go and find her. After all, Abby was in Jackson once, so she could go again and give Ellie a chance to do the right thing with her immunity.

That’s the premise. When it comes to Ellie, I think she’d be off living by herself, traveling the country in search of somewhere she can call home. Her issue is that she’s lost everything, so nowhere would feel like home. She may even feel like she can’t settle, or doesn’t deserve to. From here, Abby would need to track Ellie across the country, and maybe Lev would do the same, but in different states. I think that these two separate journeys could see both characters grow even more, especially if the Fireflies are forcing them out if they don’t return with Ellie.

Let us know what you think of this idea in the comments. 

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