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Summer Update Wave 2 For Animal Crossing: New Horizons Is Here


So if you weren’t aware, the second summer update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons went live in the game yesterday. Load up your game, download the update, and dive into the plethora of new features that have been carefully crafted for your pleasure.

The first new thing to mention is a fireworks show! These will be occurring every Sunday throughout August, and it looks like there will be a lot to do with them. Redd is going to turn up and run a raffle, and there are even bubbles to blow in celebration of another week ending. Make sure you pick a good spot to sit and watch, or maybe whack out a sparkler or two. At some point the game is also going to let you custom design your own fireworks, though I have no idea how that’s going to work.

The second bit new part of this update is Luna. She’s a Villager, I think, that you meet when you go to sleep. Her purpose is to allow you to visit dream islands, and I have no idea how that works at all. It may be a good way to travel without using Nook Miles Tickets though. These islands look to be ones that other players have uploaded to the cloud specifically for the purpose of being explored. This is pretty cool, and I imagine that there will be some sort of good will rewards for allowing people to visit your island in their dreams.

Finally, there’s an Island Backup Restoration Service being launched with this update. This is a much requested feature, allowing you to pull your island down from the cloud and onto another device.

As you can see, the video ends with a tease for the next update, coming this Fall. That next update will be all about Halloween, but for now it’s all about summer. I can’t wait to give these new features a go in the game. they look like they’ll add a bit more longevity to a game that’s already got the potential to rob you of hundreds of hours. Make sure you play this update if you want to get the most out of Animal Crossing: New Horizons while it’s hot.

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