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Initial Impressions Of Fall Guys


In case you hadn’t heard, Fall Guys is a phenomenal game from Devolver Digital. That’s the impression I had before I jumped into it at least. Everyone has been playing this game, from your neighbour, the kid down the street, all the way up to the biggest Destiny 2 streamers. Part of what has made it so popular is the fact that it’s a free game on PlayStation Plus. I think that there’s more to it than that though, and having spent a good few hours with it so far, I’m ready to tell you what my initial impressions are.

Each match in Fall Guys sees you competing against 60 other players to complete an objective. Some matches are races, others require you to keep balls in a particular zone, and some even task you with spreading some sort of virus to as many players as you can. Only a set number of players and qualify from each match, meaning that if you fall off the edge, or don’t make it to the end of the race in time, you’ll be eliminated. There are a few rounds for each match, and the final round sees the victor crowned from about 16 other players after a particularly brutal task.

This is the kind of game that you can waste hours in. Each match is fast, so if you fail, you can be back in the action within 60 seconds. It’s so much fun to mess around in, and while it can be frustrating when you lose, which is a lot, the victories are so much sweeter for it. Every round is mental, like some sort of game show that you watched as a child in the 90s. The game knows what to throw at you to make things fun yet interesting, and I’ve honestly not had this much fun with a game for a very long time.

The crux of what keeps you going is currency and cosmetics. You earn in-game money for completing matches, and progress through the battle pass system that’s currently in place for season 1. Each item you unlock is usually more mad cosmetics for your character, but every now and then you get a crown. These are essential for buying the best cosmetics, and there are some great ones out there. Since the game is so enjoyable, grinding out the levels seems like no effort at all, but really it’s quite a lot of time before you get to the really great items.

Overall, this is a fantastic little game. The rounds are varied and fun, and I actually tend to use the game as a way to unwind at the end of a stressful day. I’ll be playing more of the game to get a better idea of everything there is on offer, but right now there’s literally no reason to put off getting it.

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