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Among Us Is Set To Become Among Us 2


Among Us has become a massive hit. The game puts a group of players into a ship that desperately needs repairing, and then gives two players the task of killing everyone else on board. There’s an in-game chat and emergency meetings to be called that make everything a lot harder for those Imposter players too, and it all leads to glorious fun. the game has been a complete surprise hit, mostly because of YouTubers and streamers picking it up to play together online.

The developers, InnerSloth, did have plans to make an Among Us 2, but now they’ve decided they’re just going to focus on improving the original game. This means that it’s well worth picking Among Us up right now, while it’s huge, because each update is only gong to make the game more popular. You want to be there when it all starts.

Specifically, InnerSloth has released a blog post in which they explain their thoughts. They say that all of the improvements and content that was planned for Among Us 2 is now going to come directly to the original game. This probably means more maps, more tasks, a lot more Imposters, and maybe even new game modes.

I think that it makes a lot more sense to focus on the game that’s popular right now. We’ve seen developers try to tempt people into their game with the promise of a better sequel before, but it doesn’t really work that well. Instead, players love to play games that are constantly updated. If a game is getting a good flow of new content every month, then there’s a reason to come back and play a few times each week.

The biggest appeal of Among Us is the way each match can be totally different due to the players in it. If you’re feeling like screwing everyone over, you could be an anti-Crewmate, even when you’re not an Imposter. You might also come up against a pacifist Imposter. There are so many variables that make for fantastic gameplay. I don’t see Among Us dying down anytime soon, and if it does come to consoles at any point, it’ll probably see yet another explosion in popularity.

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