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The Xbox Series X and S Expansion Costs Almost As Much As The Console


As if buying a brand new Xbox this year wasn’t enough already, now Microsoft is looking to charge us almost as much again for what is effectively a memory card. Last week the company revealed the price for the Seagate Storage Expansion Card for Xbox Series X/S. This thing is set to cost $220 and £220, depending on where you’re based.

Considering that the Xbox Series S costs £249.99, I don’t really see the value for money. The Xbox Series X has an internal storage of 1TB, and the Series S has an internal storage of 512GB. While I might be able to accept that you’d need some extra storage for the Series S, I do’t see why you’d pay almost as much as you would for a Series X for nothing more than a bit of extra memory.

Let’s break this down. You have an Xbox Series S. There are loads of games for you to download, all of which will look as good as they do on the Series X, with the exception of those backwards compatible games that were given an upgrade for the Xbox One X and not the Xbox One S. That’s all you’re missing out on. If you’re really bothered about having that extra quality, or the additional storage, you may as well wait and buy an Xbox Series X. Microsoft has confirmed that there will be another chance to pre-order later down the line, so why bother with this card?

If you have an Xbox Series X, I’d say the same is true. You’re missing out on nothing. The only potential issue you have is that there are too many games you want to play, so you can’t fit them all on your console at once. Instead of deleting the few that you won’t play as regularly, I have an alternative. Buy an Xbox Series S. Not only will you then be paying a very similar amount, you could get the Series S on Xbox All-Access. This would allow you to have a Game Pass and EA Play subscription at no extra cost. In fact it would work out cheaper overall. All you then need to do is stick the games on the Xbox Series S that you don’t need to put on your Xbox Series X.

It might seem frivolous to purchase an entirely new console, but at the priced being charged on the Microsoft Store, I think it’s better to have two consoles. There’s certainly a lot less faff involved.

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