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Can the Larger Gaming Industry Learn from the Casino Sector’s Use of Themes?

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Over the past few decades, the digital casino sector has hit new heights of market popularity. Statista forecasts that the online gambling market could reach a value of £71.19 billion by 2023. One of the main reasons behind the success of web-based casino gaming relates to its varied genres and theme diversity. Can the broader gaming industry take inspiration from the casino sector’s use of diverse themes and tie-ins?

Television Games Shows Have Been a Hit for Casino Operators

In recent years, increasing numbers of on-screen game shows have crossed into the gaming industry. The genre has long been popular on mainstream consoles, as evident from Buzz!, the general knowledge-inspired 2005 development. However, crossovers of real-world productions have been something of a catalyst behind the iGaming industry’s recently boosted prominence.

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The online casino sector’s focus on providing gamers with a wide array of different themes has seen developers focus their attention on contemporary trends, such as TV game shows. Prospective players can now play a deal or no deal game at Paddy Power, where the game replicates the tension and thrills of the TV game show by embracing the program’s 26-box format. The Endemol production allows users to pick their starting box in their efforts to outsmart the infamous banker.

Although this concept has inspired numerous console titles, such as Slam Production’s Golden Balls in 2011, it’s yet to enjoy the same level of success. Because of this, it’s clear that the broader gaming industry can learn from casino operators concerning their integration of crossovers. Perhaps the accessibility and fast-paced nature of casino adaptations give them the edge over console alternatives, ensuring a more immersive and user-friendly experience.

The Use of Themes in Creating Unique Titles

For all of the success of game show crossovers, it’s hard to ignore that the casino industry has flourished following its focus on driving global gaming forward. The action-packed approach taken by iGaming developers builds on a set foundation and moulds the desired feel of a game through the use of themes. In turn, this creates extensive libraries of replayable titles that sustain their long-term appeal.

In the past, console game creators have succeeded in using on-trend themes to develop unique titles. This is evident from the popularity of other crossovers. Crucially, the aesthetic nature of other genres such as animation somewhat perfectly captures the pursuit of uniqueness that has long been mastered at online casinos.

With stripped-back graphics at their core, there’s less pressure for developers to integrate lifelike visuals into animated titles. The popularity of South Park: The Stick of Truth reflects this. As per Neoseeker, over five million copies of the game were sold, as of 2016. Furthermore, the Obsidian entertainment development also won the Best Role Playing Game at the 2012 Game Critic Awards.

In 2020, however, quirkily-themed titles have gained traction once again. The likes of Among Us and Fall Guys have moved towards the quick-paced flow of casino crossovers, such as the aforementioned Deal or No Deal game. As a result of this, it’s plausible to say that iGaming offerings have inspired this recent desktop and console trend, with developers learning to place convenience and uniqueness at the forefront of their modern-day plans.

Pivotal to Cater to Audience Demands

On the face of it, it’s clear that the broader gaming industry can learn from online casinos. The gambling-orientated market’s ever-popular use of styles continues to attract new players without becoming repetitive. Given that replayability is paramount to both growth and success, it’s unsurprising to see console titles evolve in embracing user desires for diverse themes and unique offerings.

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