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Cross-Compatibility in Gaming: How It Works and How Might Mobile Gaming Offer More Cross-Platform Support in the Future?

Mobile Gaming

Staying entertained in your spare time is part of leading a happy life. The great thing about how we now live is that there are so many ways to go about it. From music streaming to catching movies online or social media sites, there is more choice than ever when it comes to enjoying our spare time.

Of course, gaming remains enduringly popular as a hobby. The whole sector has grown massively becoming a mainstream form of entertainment. For example, the move towards gaming has seen more people embrace online casino play. If you fancy trying out this type of gaming, it is best to do some research online first to find the top online casinos to use. Gambling Metropolis are a reliable source of information for this and bring together all the top no deposit free spins casinos around the UK.

Video gaming is also something more people than ever are involved with. With new games like ‘Assassins Creed: Valhalla’, for example, it is a sector which attracts more fans with each passing year. One development in video games which has helped this along is the introduction of cross-compatibility. That is not only something which PC and console gaming has taken an interest in but also the burgeoning mobile gaming sector.

What is cross-compatibility in gaming?

Before we go on to look at cross-compatibility concerning mobile gaming’s future, it is worth pinning down what the term means. It refers to games which allow people to play them, regardless of the specific hardware they may be using. It also means you can play an online game with friends, irrespective of which machines you may all be using.

As keen gamers know, cross-compatibility has not been possible in the past and this has limited the true scope of gaming. Recent advances in this field have seen an ever-growing list of cross-platform titles to play on console or PC though, such as ‘Fortnite’.

Cross-platform play on mobile

With mobile play, it all comes down to people being able to use Android or iOS devices when enjoying the same game – either alone or as a multiplayer experience. As with video game companies, Apple and the Android manufacturers may not have been overly keen on the idea to start with, but it is picking up traction now. That is mainly down to both game developers and the mobile manufacturers seeing the enormous potential that cross-play offers them.

Of course, the gradual move towards this in the future will require game developers and Apple and Android manufacturers to work more closely together than ever before. This future support for cross-play in mobile gaming will rely on all parties releasing games which work across devices while also ensuring the devices themselves can support the same games.

This move towards more cross-compatibility in mobile gaming has already begun. But which are the best titles to try out?

Pokémon Go

One very popular title which works across both Android and iOS is ‘Pokémon Go’. Initially launched in 2016 by Niantic Labs, this classic AR mobile game takes the real-world environment and gives it a fresh twist. The primary aim is to use your mobile device to follow the on-screen map and discover cute Pokémon characters hiding in your local area.


Another smash hit in mobile gaming is online multiplayer thriller ‘Vainglory’. This epic title is available on all mobile devices and is free to play. Not only does it look fantastic and include strategic gameplay, but it is playable online with friends. Whether you go for a five-minute brawl together or five versus five full-on battles, the action and drama are sure to impress.

Minecraft – Pocket Edition

When it comes to big mobile titles you can play on either iOS or Android, Minecraft is worth a mention. This classic game found huge audiences on PC and console before moving into the mobile gaming world. Whether you play online with friends or on your own, it is a fun and awe-inspiring experience. The real secret is the freedom it gives to players. The open-world environment leaves you free to explore as you please and the building aspect of the gameplay is also excellent.

Cross-platform play in mobile gaming should develop

There is no doubt that cross-compatibility for mobile gaming is something that players value. Having a game you can only play if you own a particular handset is annoying – as is only being able to play online with those who have the same device as you. By removing these barriers, companies and game developers are helping their customers to get even more from their mobile devices.

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