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December’s PlayStation Now Games Are Incredible


Last week Sony announced the new games coming to PlayStation Now. They’re being ridiculously kind to us this month, because we’re getting some absolute bangers, all of which are sure to be great for playing during the down moments over the holiday period. If you’ve not got PlayStation Now, this is the perfect time to join. It’s now been given some of the best games for PlayStation fans that I think you could hope for on the service. Let’s quickly go through them now.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Very little needs to be said about this game. It’s an iconic experience that’s getting a sequel at some point next year. It tells the story of a young girl trying to find her identity. It’s also all about the world hundreds of years after a robot apocalypse has wiped almost everyone out. It’s a very different place, and it’s pretty damn scary if you’re not ready for it. There are some great moments to look forward to though, such as controlling machines with your mind and climbing colossal ones to scan the surrounding area.

Stranded Deep

Stranded Deep might look like your standard survival game, but it’s so much more. What starts out as one person trying to find their way off of a tropical island that they’ve washed up on, slowly turns into a fight against the elements to find your way around the archipelago, and finally be rescued from your dreadful situation.


This is side-scrolling 2D beat-em-up fun at its best. You and a bunch of friends can get together and beat each other senseless as colourful characters will little to no regard for anyone else. Of course, you should probably be following the story and saving the world too though right?


This game is the ultimate destruction derby experience. You get to take part in all sorts of scary racing events in which the goal is to win by destroying all of your competitors. There’s no regard for your car in this one, you just need to win by any means necessary.

The Surge 2

This game is similar to the souls series, with a mechanic that punishes you for death, and combat that’s hard as nails. It’s set in a dystopian future though, so it’s actually completely different to any fantasy souls game you’ll have played. This one is pretty special, and it’s got lofts of DLC to go along with it which makes it really fun to try out.

Darksiders 3

The final new PlayStation Now game is the third installment in the Darksiders series. You take on the most agile horseman of the apocalypse, Fury, and are tasked with hunting down the seven deadly sins. The game feels fresh in a genre that’s quite old. It’s also the culmination of everything that’s great about the Darksiders series, which should make it a must-play for any fan of the first two games.

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