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Geoff Keighley Teases Dragon Age 4 For The Game Awards

dragon age 4

The Game Awards take place on Thursday, December 10. We’ve seen a lot of news about which games are going to appear at the event, but now things are starting to heat up. Geoff Keighely himself last week tweeted that BioWare’s own Dragon Age 4 will be making an appearance, something that I wasn’t sure would be happening. This game is still a way off, and we have no idea what platform it’s going to be coming to, but right now we can start to get excited about the fact that we’re going to get a slightly better look at it.

We know that Dragon Age 4 takes a look at a new type of character, one that we’ve not been put in the role of in the series before. It’s also going to send players to a new region of the series’ world, somewhere that’s well established, but that we’ve never fully explored. From the image above, it also looks like we’re going to have an underground section of the game, probably full of Darkspawn. I love fighting the Darkspawn, so I’m really looking forward to that part, providing it’s actually in the game.

The Game Awards is always full of awesome new looks at games, and very big announcements. On the day that Cyberpunk 2077 is launching though, I have to question the logic in making these announcements. Don’t they know everyone is going to be deep into the biggest game of the year when all this is going on?

Regardless, I hope that the reveal of Dragon Age 4 is good. BioWare has had a lot of bad press recently, the latest of which has seen a few members o staff leave. People are deeply concerned about the company, and their ability to make games. Anthem in particular is still a shadow that the developer can’t shake off. I really want this Dragon Age 4 news to draw attention to something good that fans can look forward to. I also want to build up everyone’s confidence in BioWare again because we know they make good games. Let’s give them a chance to show this next one off and have some fun.

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