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Lowfi Ping Pong Is The Chillout Game You Need


You can be forgiven for not having heard of Lowfi Ping Pong. The game is a small indie release that’s being published by Team 17. However, it has the aesthetic and feel of a smaller title from a studio with a much bigger budget. It’s all about ping pong and lowfi beats, if you hadn’t figured that all out just from the name. It’s not as boring as the name suggests, bu tI think it could be if you wanted it to be. It’s basically whatever you make of it, and that’s what I love about the idea of this game. It’s customisable depending on how chilled out you want to be.

As you can see, there are a few different modes to fight through in this game. You’ll be controlling a single character as they face off against various opponents to the chilled out lowfi beats built into the game. You unlock new tracks as you progress, and that’s only going to make playing even more enticing as you move forward. It’s all about gradually getting to the next stage, and enjoying the feeling of that stage once you’re there. It’s got nothing to do with the pressure of beating your opponent, though that is there too.

You can also create custom beats to play ping pong to. There’s a built-in editor that allows you to change the levels of each beat, and even put new tunes and tracks together with. I think this might be the best part of the game, because it gives you the freedom to create a lowfi beat that’s all about you and your feelings.

I listen to lowfi music quite a lot while I’m working. It helps me zone out of the real world and concentrate on the task at hand. I think that bringing that to ping pong is a natural marriage of two very different worlds. People perceive music making to be high intensity, much like ping pong, but in reality it’s all about attaining a level of zen that will keep you in the zone for as long as you want to be there.

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