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The Official Killzone Website Is Dead


Over the weekend I came across some absolutely devastating news. The official Killzone website has been taken down. Well, okay it’s not quite taken down. However, when you now land not the page, you’ll be redirected to Don’t believe me? Check it out here for yourself. As you can see, it doesn’t affect the online functionality of either Killzone Mercenary or Killzone Shadow Fall, at least for now, but it does mean that you can’t create clans in the latter. As someone who has spent a fair bit of time online in Killzone Shadow Fall, I don’t think anyone will mind about the clans issue that much.

What this news also does is show that Sony is done with Killzone. The last game in the series, Killzone Shadow Fall, was a PS4 launch title. It was mind-blowingly beautiful, but it still didn’t manage to take off as the PlayStation equivalent of Halo, which Sony has been trying to push since the PS2 era. Now it seems like they’re fully committed to the Horizon series, which is getting a new release on PS5 in Horizon: Forbidden West. This is what Guerrilla Games is working on, and it means that the Killzone franchise is as good as dead and buried.

I know that there won’t be a lot of people crying over the franchise being retired. It’s possible that it will return in some form in the future. For now though, it looks like the closest we’re going to get to a PS5 Killzone game are the backwards compatible PS4 games.

the Killzone franchise really is one of the best PlayStation exclusive series that you could hope to play. They span a decent chunk of a historical war between two people who have been torn apart by the way a single planet has shaped half of them. There are themes of real-world war littered throughout the games, some of which hit far too close to home. My favourite release in the series has to be Killzone Shadow Fall. It takes the cold war and turns it into a futuristic sci-fi adventure that could form part of humanity’s future, were we to discover a planet that hates our lungs.

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