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Joe’s Diner Now Has PS5 Support


This week, a PS4 exclusive that was previously unavailable on PS5 now finally has support on the new console. There isn’t a massive list of games that’s lacking backwards compatibility with the PS5, but the games that are there are all missing out. Right now, for example, I’m downloading old PS4 games to play for the first time on my PS5, but when I can’t access them on it, I just have to give them a miss. It’s not that I want to, it’s that I was forced to grab a digital-only PS5, so I can’t play physical PS4 discs on my console. I and many others need these backwards compatible titles, and now Joe’s Diner has joined their ranks.

What is Joe’s Diner?

I remember this game launching. It’s a weird game set in a diner where two long-dead Indian Chieftains battle for their perfect afterlife. One wants peace, the other wants to have fun and play pranks, and the pair don’t get along. Over the course of every night, players need to keep the Chieftains from messing everything up and causing the end of the world. Or at least destroying the diner. It’s got some good reviews, and some not so good reviews. I believe that it is a game that some people enjoy because of just how strange it is though. If you’re after something off the beaten track, this might be it.

The game launched around the same time that Five Nights at Freddy’s was incredibly popular. Everyone wanted to discover the next big horror game in which you’re a night manager, and some thought this was it. I can tell you now that it isn’t, but it’s still probably worth playing if you’re into those sorts of games.

The most important takeaway here is that you can now play this ‘classic’ on PS5. It could be a game that’s been sat in your PlayStation library for years, and now is the perfect time to load it up. The PS5 upscales quite a lot of games when they’re loaded up, and playing this one with close to 4K graphics could be an absolute nightmare, in a good way.

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