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Monster Hunter Rise Needs Regular Live Events


Monster Hunter Rise will be with us shortly before the end of March. The game already has a demo for players to enjoy, showing us all what we can look forward to in the final release. However, I think that it highlights a bit of a gap that could be present once the game launches. I’m talking about a lack of live events. The demo does have online multiplayer, but it doesn’t have the full features of the game. So we have no idea whether or not there are going to be any sort of live events in it. I hope I’m wrong, and I hope that the game does get live events over the course of many years to come. If it doesn’t though, there’s no way that it’ll be living up to it’s full potential

Part of what makes Monster Hunter World so amazing is the fact that it’s a living breathing world. Even the NPCs in the hub worlds are walking around having their own lives. You can see other players going about their business, travel to each Vendor, and generally have a great time. The activities also evolve. When Capcom puts some new ones out there, it’s like a party for the players. Suddenly the jobs board fills up with new jobs to complete, and new ones to join other players on. It’s a whole new experience, and it doesn’t even come with a paid-for expansion.

Monster Hunter Rise is built from the same DNA. If it has all the same features, allowing players like me to hop in and only play cooperative missions with other hunters if I want to, then it’s going to be incredible. It’s a kind of dynamic gameplay that’s so much better than both single-player and MMO games. It’s something between that makes you feel like you’re part of a community, without any of the fuss of being dedicated to playing the game everyday.

I still dip in and out of Monster Hunter World. I think it’s incredible. I’d like to see more people enjoying the franchise, and that’s definitely possible with Monster Hunter Rise. It just needs these regular live events to make it all come together.

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