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Streamers Have Jumped Into Rust, So It’s Popular Again!


Rust is an open-world survival game in which players are plonked into a world and need to figure out how to live with nothing but a rock to start with. Over the course of time, they can build incredible bases with others on their server, or go it alone as a one-man army. Either way, they’ll learn blueprints which they can keep forever. Every couple of weeks, the servers are wiped, and everyone has to start from scratch again, but those with the blueprints have a headstart. It’s an endless cycle that sees many clans rise and fall as they build and raid each other. Some stick around, some move onto other games. In January 2021 however, the game is seeing its biggest boom to date.

Right now, big streamers are jumping into the game, and their followers are joining them in their droves. For a streamer, this is the best possible situation, because you have an army of people to teach you how to play and craft an enjoyable experience. Rust is also a game that most people just have sitting in their Steam library, so it’s easy for millions of players to suddenly appear.

Over the years, Rust has seen a few big booms like this. The last one I remember came because of the Yogscast. They had the game as part of their charity game bundle, and some of their team moved into streaming it for a few months afterwards. This saw the game rise to become one of the most-watched on Twitch for that period, but after a while, it died off again.

This is yet another big boom for Rust, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. This game is coming to consoles at some point in the future. Late in 2020 the developers delayed the console versions, and now they have an excuse to push to get those versions out as fast as possible. The more people they can get playing while the game is popular, the more money they can make.

I would love to play Rust on a console. I can’t get on with mouse and keyboard, and I really want to earn trophies in it. Hopefully, but the time it comes to PS4/PS5, I’ll be able to join the droves of players enjoying the game right now. Maybe you will as well.

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