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Is It Right To Get Weapons Through Glitches In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla?


Recently, there’s been a big piece of news floating around the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla community. It’s all about a weapon that some players have found a way of glitching into the game. The community has known it was there for ages, but until recently it wasn’t clear how to get it. Well, now it looks like the only way is to glitch it, even though Ubisoft has spoken out to say that there’s a legitimate method of gaining the bow. Check out the method for getting the Isu bow known as Nordens’ Arc below and read on for more details.

There’s no denying that the bow is powerful and that players should be able to earn it. It’s definitely possible but as of the video’s making, there was no known way of earning the bow in the game without a glitch,. That’s because players haven’t unlocked it yet, they need to collect items or complete actions that will unlock it. No one found it, but a glitch was found first. My question is about how okay this is. Do we accept that it’s fine to glitch the weapon in just because this is a single player game?

I don’t think so. To me, weapons like this are there to be earned. This would be totally unacceptable in a multiplayer game, but in a single player game I don’t see why anyone would bother. The whole point of single player open world games is to explore and fill your time with all the things you can do. Earning this bow is one of those things. For players to simply glitch the bow into their inventory seems to miss the point. Why not put in the effort and work with the community to figure out how to unlock it instead of ruining the journey for yourself with the glitch?

There are examples of this all over the games industry, and I do recognise why you might glitch the bow in. For example, if you were doing a speedrun, having this weapon would help a lot, allowing you to deal way more damage than you normally would in the game’s early stages. I just don’t think there’s much of a point to glitches like this otherwise.

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