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I Hope Resident Evil Village Does Have Small Open-World Sections


Fans have been going nuts over Resident Evil Village ever since it was revealed. The game has a lot going on, from a giant beautiful vampire lead villain to a story that’s as clear as mud. One thing seems to be pretty definite though, and that’s the fact that this game will have small open-world sections to it. The tag for open-world was picked up by eagle-eyed fans on Steam, and now everyone is excited to see a fully open-world Resident Evil game. That’s not what this will be though. So let’s dive into what it probably will be.

In Resident Evil 7, the early game was very much a small open-world. Sure, it was the interior and exterior of the Baker house, but you could go anywhere you wanted. There was also a Metroidvania feel, with items you collect by advancing the story opening up opportunities in areas if you revisit them. This is exactly how Resident Evil Village is going to play out, but I expect those open-world sections to be a bit larger this time around.

The Village itself is sure to be a big open-world. Big in terms of Resident Evil though, so a relatively small village with houses that you can unlock and revisit over the course of the story. Enemies will also probably change tact as they realise you’re avoiding them, so that will keep the area interesting and worth revisiting over and over again.

I also think that the castle will be an open-world in the same sense that the Baker house is. It’ll have doors and paths you can unlock by making new discoveries and finding new items. This is the essence of Resident Evil, and it’ll make players feel clever without needing to push the puzzle difficulty too far.

There are bound to be a couple of other open-world sections, but they’ll be part of the late game I imagine. Hopefully, this will keep the game world interesting and worth exploring, there’s nothing worse than an empty open-world. I expect players to be finding secrets for months after the game’s release, if not years. If the necklace in the Maiden demo is anything to go by, we’re in good hands.

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