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The PS2 Had A Memory Card Easter Egg Almost No One Knew About


The PS5 has just launched, and it’s the best PlayStation console so far. So many innovations have been made on the console’s formula that now we’re playing with controllers that actively help us immerse ourselves in the gameplay experience. It’s something that I never thought I’d be able to write about back when I was getting into games. However, there are innovations in PlayStation consoles that are still blowing my mind today. For example, there’s a little easter egg on the PS2 memory card icons that I’ve only just found out about in 2021. This completely shocked me, and I probably put more hours into games on my PS2 than I have on any other console out there.

In the video above, you can see this easter egg in its full glory. Basically, the memory card icons for PS2 games all had the ability to be animated. Not every developer did something with them, but most did. On certain games, the icons will change yet again when you try to delete them or copy them. Some of these animations aren’t great, but the fact that they do this at all is something I can tell you barely anyone noticed.

The PS2 launched at a point when a lot of kids my age were getting into games. All we wanted to play was GTA, but it opened up the doorway to so many other fantastic games as well. This easter egg isn’t something that we cared or knew about, and it will have gone over many people’s heads. I love that it exists though. I think that it was a great way of making the most of a card-based memory system that was definitely on its way out.

When the PS3 dropped, we lost all of this and the memory cards. I’m not surprised Sony didn’t implement a similar system on later consoles, since this one clearly went under the radar for so many. It would be nice to see them bringing it back in some small way on the PS5 in the future though. Maybe a future update will see us getting unique animated icons when we’ve obtained a platinum trophy in the game, or something similar.

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