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Apex Legends Is Well-Worth Playing On Switch At Launch


Apex Legends launches on Nintendo Switch in just a couple of weeks on March 9. The game is already well-established on other platforms. Everyone knows why it’s worth playing. If you’re a free-to-play game fan in general or a shooter fan, it’s got something to offer. However, after last week’s Nintendo Direct, I can categorically tell you that the Switch version will be the best place to play for the first two weeks after March 9. There’s a fair bit to cover, so check out the trailer for the game below and let’s get into why the Switch version is superior.

The first great thing that all Switch players get in Apex Legends is an exclusive Pathfinder skin. You can add this to your current account, since the game features crossplay and will allow you to carry account progress anywhere.

Okay, so an exclusive skin is fine, but it’s far from essential. Well, the next big thing that Switch players get is a double XP boost for two weeks after the game launches for the platform. This means that everything you do will earn twice the amount of progress to your overall level, as well as the battle pass. This will help you progress through the pass faster, earning way more than you would by playing anywhere else.

Finally, anyone on Switch can access 30 free levels of the battle pass. I think you have to purchase the pass on Switch in order to get this bonus, but I’d say that it’s worth it. If, like me, you’re yet to jump into Season 8, March 9 will be the perfect time. The Switch version will give you more free levels than anywhere else, a bonus skin, and double your progression for two weeks.

When you look at the overall cost, the battle pass will set you back about £10 or £15, depending on this 30 free levels deal. With a free skin and double XP thrown in, there’s not much to argue with. With Season 8 alone you’ll get enough gameplay to justify the cost of that battle pass. The game is absolutely free after all. I think that this may be the best place to play the game in general once it launches, but I’ll report back when I’ve played it.

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