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Speed Gold In Mario Golf: Super Rush Looks Intense


During their recent Nintendo Direct, Nintendo showed off a new entry to the Mario Golf series, Mario Golf: Super Rush. The game has a lot going on, including a story mode, stats to upgrade, various helpful analytical features for a single shot, and a new golf mode. It’s the new golf mode that I’m most interested in, mainly because it takes this incredibly slow game and transforms it into a competitive race. This isn’t something I ever thought I’d see in games, but here we are. Take a look at the trailer below and read on for some more details about this incredible mode.

Rush Golf is a badass new golf mode where you race against other players. Unlike standard games of golf, it’s always your turn to play. You can make as many shots as you want, but you’ve got to run to your ball first. In-between, you’ve got a bunch of powerups to help you move faster, or hinder other players on the field. This, once again, is something else that we’ve never seen in golf games before. I always enjoyed the original Mario Golf, but this game changes absolutely everything.

Being able to take your own character into every mode also makes this game seem more appealing. You can upgrade this character across a range of skills. This means that you can best all the other characters you’ll eventually come up against. As with most Mario games, it presents you with a great mix of multiplayer and single-player modes that will keep you busy for hours. My biggest focus will be on how to get a hole in one across every single course.

Ultimately, I think that players are going to hone in on Golf Rush the most here. It’s the fact that it’s different, highly-competitive, and allows for so much variation in each match. In a world filled with online hero shooters, an online hero golf game might not be the worst alternative in the world. Particularly when you can play as any one of the fantastic cast of characters from Mario’s universe. Let’s see how well it does when it launches.

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