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Nacon Has The Gall To Blame Frogwares For Issues In The Sinking City On Steam

Nacon Has The Gall To Blame Frogwares For Issues In The Sinking City On Steam

Frogwares and Nacon have been locked in a legal dispute for more than a year now. This is all down to the refusal of Nacon to renew their publishing contracts. Earlier today, we reported on the differences between the final version of the game, and the hacked Steam version that was pirated by Nacon. Now, Nacon is blaming Frogwares for the issues in the sub-par Steam version. It’s a move that isn’t entirely out of nowhere, but if the publisher believes that anyone is on their side at this point, they’re completely delusional.

The issues in the steam version of the game all stem from the fact that it’s a hack. The game was purchased from a separate store, because Frogwares doesn’t have a partnership with Steam. It was then hacked, changed, and uploaded to Steam. The end product is missing all online connectivity. If it had it, Frogwares’ servers would pick it up as a pirate copy and shut it down.

Without any online connectivity, the game is missing achievements and cloud saves, two aspects of Steam that all users believe are essential. Nacon says that the lack of cooperation from Frogwares forced them to do what they have. I don’t care who you are, if someone is forcing you to break the law, there are very few situations in which it is justified, and this definitely doesn’t constitute as one of them.

Steam users are bitterly disappointed by the lack of achievements, and I can see why. Those markers of progress add to your profile. This is something you build up over years to impress random people who check you out. I very much agree with people when they say they won’t play a game if it’s missing achievements or trophies. There’s just no point.

For Nacon to have the gall to blame Frogwares for these issues shows how out of touch they are with their users. While they might have spent millions in marketing and helping bring the game to life, that still doesn’t justify stealing something and selling it as your own. No development work was done on Nacon’s part, so at no point is the IP theirs.

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