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Will Hawkeye Save Marvel’s Avengers?


Marvel’s Avengers is getting a big update this week. It’ll make the game compatible with next-gen consoles, and it’s going to add the Hawkeye expansion. This brings a new solo story to enjoy, as well as a brand new hero that most players will be incredibly excited to try out. However, the game has had a lot of bad press, and as a result, there aren’t many who will be playing on day one. While this expansion isn’t make or break for the game, it’s certainly getting close to the tipping point. If Marvel’s Avengers doesn’t start to attract more players and get a better reputation, then it could fall by the wayside like so many other games-as-a-service.

The story itself looks really interesting. We’ve got multiple versions of Hawkeye going on, and some mad sort of time apocalypse that’s caused the end of the world in the middle of an alien invasion. That’s all great, but the issue with this is the hero himself. He’s just not one of the most exciting members of the Avengers out there.

For what it’s worth, I like Hawkeye. He’s going into battles with no real enhancements, just an eye for hitting targets. That takes guts. Most people don’t want to play as him in a fight though. He’s admittedly unexciting and works as a supporting character for all the big hitters. That doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t have his own story and playable abilities though.

What will make this expansion suffer is the fact that it starts Hawkeye. As I’ve already mentioned, he’s just not that exciting. It’s not going to save Marvel’s Avengers, but it might get one more boring hero out of the way before the more exciting ones start to be added.

With all the current Marvel TV shows that are being released, it would make sense to tie into their popularity somehow. Let’s get Scarlet Witch, Vision, and even Falcon or The Winter Soldier into this game. They’re all heroes that could have some serious impact on the online and ongoing gameplay in Marvel’s Avengers. Hawkeye though? He’s just not got enough going on to keep everyone interested.

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